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Peter’s story. An ‘ordinary’ dyslexic & ADD man

Mature student overcomes 50 years of undiagnosed dyslexia to graduate with First Class Honours and goes on to design, write and develop a system to help small businesses.


Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are conditions that there are many examples of successful business men and women, but the likes of Richard Branson do not always resonate with the ‘ordinary’ man. So readers might find the story of Peter Scott more realistic.


Born in the 1960’s when dyslexia and ADD were all but unheard of, Peter’s story was similar to most sufferers, with school reports consistently saying that he had intelligence and ability, but lack of concentration, effort and attention to detail reduced the quality of his work and would limit him ability to progress. Despite this, and having been brought up in a ‘white-collar’ household, Peter progressed into a career in finance, which spanned many years. After jobs and businesses, with varying success and the usual myriad of poor decisions that are commonplace for many with these conditions, Peter found himself at a crossroads and decided that it was a suitable time to look at higher education. Having obtained numerous professional qualifications over the years, Peter felt he had the ability to look towards a degree, but the timing was never right, until then.


Having persuaded Glyndwr University in Wrexham, North Wales, that he had the required ability, he was offered an unconditional place within the Business School to study Business Marketing. Glyndwr University have an excellent widening participation department, and having always suspected dyslexia, Peter took the opportunity for a formal assessment. He was soon diagnosed as having bad dyslexia as well as ADD. Like many, Peter had learned many coping mechanisms, which had hidden many of the symptoms for years, but the diagnosis helped find better methods of studying and appropriate learning techniques.


With the help of the Disability Learning Allowance and the university disability support unit, Peter progressed well and having moved to Bangor University for personal reasons, graduated with a First Class Bachelors Degree with Honours, completed in just 2 ½ years.


While studying Peter continued working and while doing so stumbled across a business idea, which he developed while finishing his studies. The idea involved developing a simple ‘Text Reminder’ service which would be affordable for many small businesses, be they MOT garages with MOT reminders, Hairdressers with Appointment Reminders, Restaurants and Pubs with Table Reservation Reminders, or Campsite/Hotels/B&B reservation confirmations. Being aware that there is ‘nothing new under the sun’ and there were similar systems available, research showed that these systems were either complicated or expensive, or both. Peter then set about designing a system that would work without the expense and limitations of existing systems.


So by incorporating existing knowledge of website development and setting out to self-learn PHP programming, Peter developed a system that could be used via a mobile phone app, or via a computer internet browser, that was very simple to use and most importantly, was very affordable for small businesses. The system allows a business to automatically send reminders on a specified date from just 10p each, without the need of contracts or expensive additional systems. The Reminder System from SMS Notifications offers what Peter believes is the Simplest, Cheapest and Best Appointment reminder system available to small businesses.


While it is still early days for the business, Peter feels that despite the challenges that Dyslexia and ADD undoubtedly force on sufferers (and their families), these need not limit their development and with the right help they can achieve as well as, if not often better, than those with a so called ‘normal’ brain. He would encourage people who have been diagnosed, or believe they (or their loved ones) may have the conditions, to remain positive, draw on any help available, and not allow any prejudice adversely influence them.


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Peter Scott can be contacted on 07482838014.