What people say about us

About our Helpline


The Helpline staff are brilliant, knowledgeable and go the extra mile to be of assistance.



Offered clear, relevant information and support in a kind and patient manner.

~ LT


The information given and sent was very informative and is enabling me to make an informed decision as to the way forward that best suits my member of staff.

~ MB

About our testing


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for making [my child] feel comfortable and relaxed during the assessment. The Dyslexia association is somewhere that I would certainly recommend to others.



Many thanks for all your time and the positive comments you gave to [my child] when he came for his assessment with you.  He left the building singing, he was so happy that someone thought that he was clever.  Just that one morning with you has made a massive difference to his self esteem- thank you.

~ HC


Firstly I would like to Thank YOU for the support and making me feel at ease, when I came in for my assessment. (My assessor) knew I was very nervous about the assessment, but she made me feel so calm and comfortable on the day. It is amazing what you guys do.

~ BA


Really impressed with the whole experience. All involved were kind and sensitive. We really felt very supported.

~ OG


Thanks for switching the light on so i can see the rest of the journey a bit clearer.

~ LS


From my first phone call to my after report session the staff have been fantastic. The assessor was really great with my daughter and took all her extra problems into account. All the information has been invaluable. Every phone call and meeting has seen everyone be as helpful as they could and also really positive.

~ HB

About our workplace support


Thanks for all the help, support and guidance you have given me to enable me to understand my complex and complicated way of thinking and processing information. Although the software plays its part in assisting to make my life easier, your support, guidance and best of all analogies have given me a much better understanding of my footloose and fancy free brain.

~ LG

About our children’s tuition


He’s making good progress and it shows at home with his homework and his teacher’s at parent’s evening.

~ SC


My child is being taught strategies that help her deal with her dyslexia. The feedback after each lesson helps me understand where I can help my child. Brilliantly, my child actually loves going for tuition & has never once complained about going on a Saturday morning.


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