Assistive Technology for Visual Stress

The following will help if you are experiencing visual stress.


Changing colours in Windows


Changing the background colours in Microsoft Windows is a simple (and free!) way of reducing discomfort caused by visual stress.


Changing colours on a smartphone or tablet


It is possible to change the colours on a smartphone or tablet to make it easier to read.


Irlen Clings – coloured overlays for computers, tablets & phones


Irlen Clings have an optical-grade clear adhesive backing that allows them to stick directly onto your screen. Trim the Cling to the exact size of your small device, or put multiple Clings side-by-side for large computer monitors. Irlen Clings can be removed and reused without leaving any residue.


Irlen Coloured Overlay App


This app allows you to select from 10 preset Irlen Overlay colors, or create your own custom color, and then apply your color to the screen of your device. Your chosen color will overlay your screen no matter what other application you are using, reducing eyestrain and discomfort whenever you are using your device.


This app is only available for Android.