Speech to text

All of the products listed below have been tried and tested by staff at The Dyslexia Association.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Microphone & book


Dragon NaturallySpeaking is speech recognition software which allows the user to not only dictate into documents, but also control the computer with their voice.  This is ideal for someone with dyslexia who may have difficulty with spelling or is better at communicating verbally or for someone who has physical difficulties and is unable to use a keyboard / mouse.


Another great feature of Dragon is that it can be linked to a dictaphone and transcribe your voice notes into a document on your PC.


Most users of Dragon require some training in how to use it effectively.


If you are using Dragon on a PC, you will also require a compatible headset & microphone.  A list of compatible devices is available on Nuance’s website, however we regularly recommend the Plantronics DSP 400 folding headset or the Jabra Evolve 80 headset which has a closed-cup headphone design for people who find distractability an issue.


Built-in speech to text


The majority of mobile devices have excellent speech-to-text functions built-in as part of their accessibility features.  For example Siri.