Mind Mapping

A mind map is an easy way to brainstorm Mind map planning a holidaythoughts organically without worrying about order and structure. It allows you to visually structure your ideas to help with analysis and recall.


A mind map is a diagram for representing tasks, words, concepts, or items linked to and arranged around a central concept or subject using a non-linear graphical layout that allows the user to build an intuitive framework around a central concept. A mind map can turn a long list of monotonous information into a colorful, memorable and highly organized diagram that works in line with your brain’s natural way of doing things.


It can be useful for:


  • Planning – From projects to essays
  • Organising – From shopping lists to daily to-do plans
  • Note Taking – From lecture notes to just capturing the next big idea you have
  • Studying – Mind Maps can be reviewed as a way to prepare for exams




Develop your greatest ideas into meaningful plans using powerful Mind Maps. Radiating, colourful branches will build a concise overview of even the most detailed projects.


iMindMap is available for PC and iOS.


Mind View

MindView is a professional Mind Mapping software that allows you to optimize brainstorming sessions and present ideas visually. MindView’s Mind Mapping capabilities are an effective way to organize and develop ideas, outline reports and streamline decision-making.


Mindview is available for PC and Mac.


Using visual thinking methodologies, Kidspiration provides a cross-curricular visual workspace for K-5 learners. Students combine pictures, text, numbers and spoken words to develop vocabulary, word recognition, reading for comprehension, writing and critical thinking skills.

Kidspiration works the way students think and learn and the way teachers teach. As students make visual connections, they build fundamental skills in reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Kidspiration offers activities in all curriculum areas, so students use visual learning naturally and confidently.


Kidspiration is available for PC and iOS.