Diagnostic assessments

The true cost of carrying out a diagnostic assessment


We sometimes get asked why a diagnostic assessment seems to be so costly.


This is a really interesting question.  The first thing you need to do is to check that the assessor holds the required qualifications to carry out assessments and whether or not they hold a current practising certificate. Practising Certificates have to be renewed every three years and are a sign that the assessor has attended regular training to keep abreast of latest research/practices and that the quality of their assessments and assessment reports meet required standards.


The cost of an assessment includes many things.  Before an assessment can begin the assessor needs to have access to a bank of assessment tests, these cost on average £3000 and have to be regularly updated.  In addition to the test materials themselves, each test requires the assessor to complete a record sheet, typical £30 per assessment.  The time an assessor spends with a client can be between three and four hours, sometimes longer for complex cases.  Following the time spent with the client, the assessor will have to score all of the tests and sub-tests (approximately 25 in total), spend time analysing the results, before coming to a conclusion and writing the assessment report.  We know that our assessors often spend several days analysing and writing up each report.


Also factor in the amount of money it has taken for an assessor to gain the high level of qualifications required to carry out assessments and that they need to continue their professional development by attending accredited training in order to retain their practising certificate.


Fees charged for an assessment vary across the country and are typically between £400 & £600, which when you take into account all of the above, seems like good value for money, especially when it can open the doors to additional financial support such as Disabled Students Allowance and Access to Work grants.