Fun Colour Rush 5k – Meet TeamDyslexia

KonPicture of Konnie Dawesnie Dawes, Apprentice Admininistrator, The Dyslexia Association


Hi I’m Konnie and this is my partner Libero and we are taking part in the Fun Colour Rush 5k!


I have been at The Dyslexia Association since October 2018.


I have worked in a few places in the past but all I can say is working as part of a fantastic team has made me feel welcome and they have made me part of the TDA family!


The reason why we are raising money for TDA is that it is a good way of showing awareness of what support is out there for people with dyslexia and if the Helpline isn’t there, members of the public cannot receive the support they need.


How you can support TeamDyslexia


You can support TeamDyslexia by sponsoring us on our JustGiving page:


How we will use the funds raised


All money raised by participants in the Fun Colour Rush will be used to fund our free Helpline and advice services.


More information about the work we do to support people with dyslexia and those affected by it is available here