One-to-one tuition

We offNeed a tutor?er specialist tuition for children and teenagers.  Sessions are delivered by qualified specialist teachers, in a one-to-one setting.


How does it work?


The child’s programme will be specially designed to address individual needs and to build on individual strengths.  It may include work on basic literacy and numeracy, reinforcement of topics causing difficulty at school and study skills tuition to help young people to develop their own strategies for efficient learning.


How much does it cost?


Children’s one-to-one specialist tuition is £45 per hour.


Where does it take place?


During the Covid-19 lockdown, we successfully conducted one-to-one tuition remotely via video call with a number of children. We have taken the decision to continue this when schools return in September and will review the situation at the half term point.

Child learning


What happens after submitting a request for one-to-one tuition?


The information provided by you in the one-to-one tuition booking request form will be considered and a suitable tuition session with one of our specialist tutors will be offered to you and your child.


If a suitable tuition session is not available, we will contact you with alternatives and if these are not appropriate, your child will be added to our waiting list until a suitable session becomes available.


Can I take my child out of school for tuition?


You can take your child out of school for tuition if agreed with the school. This is classed as an ‘approved educational activity’ which will not affect attendance figures.