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What is it?


QuickScreen is an online screening for dyslexia. It will test your processing skills, basic literacy, processing and memory.


As with all screening tests, QuickScreen will provide an indication of whether an individual is dyslexic.  It will not provide a formal diagnosis.


Who is it for?

adult using keyboard



This screening is suitable for people aged 17 and over.


How much does it cost?


A QuickScreen screening test costs £19.50.


What happens after submitting a request for QuickScreen?


You will be contacted by one of our Helpline advisors to confirm receipt of your request and to provide instructions for payment.  Once payment has been received, we will send login details to the e-mail address provided in your request e-mail.


How long does it take to complete the screening?


The test takes around an hour to complete.


What happens next?


Unlike other computer based screening tests for dyslexia, QuickScreen provides a more extensive cognitive and literacy skills report together with individually tailored recommendations.

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