Children's online dyslexia screening test

The Dyslexia Association can provide an online dyslexia screening test which can be completed in a child’s own home or school.


What is a screening test?


A screening test can provide an indication of whether a child is at risk of dyslexia.

Child learning with parents


Who is it for?


The online test is suitable for children aged 6 to 16.


How much does it cost?


A children’s online screening costs £30


What happens after submitting a request for a children’s online screening?


You will be contacted by one of our Helpline advisors to confirm receipt of your request and to provide instructions for payment.  Once payment has been received, we will send login details to the e-mail address provided in your request e-mail.


How long does it take to complete the screening?


This screening takes around an hour to complete.


Your child will need access to a computer with sound (speakers or a headset).  Using a smartphone or iPad/Tablet is not recommended due to the screen size.


Which screening test is used?


We use the Dyslexia Screener by GL Assessment.


There are six sub-tests in total, which must be completed in the order below. This is because the tests were nationally standardised in this order and administration in this order will have maximum possible validity:


  • Missing Pieces
  • Word Sounds
  • Spelling
  • Visual Search
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary


For each sub-test and section within it, there will be an example question that your child listens to, then audio instructions will ask them to try one or more practice questions.  They should choose their answer by clicking on the option they believe to the correct from those provided.  If your child is not familiar with using a computer mouse, you could ask them to point to their choice of answer and you could click it for them.


Please note that this screening is computer-based and does not consider any difficulties your child may have with handwriting.  If handwriting is a concern, please contact our Helpline.


What happens next?


A report will then be provided within 5 working days with the outcome of the screening.