Specialist one-to-one dyscalculia screening for children


We are currently unable to offer any appointments for face to face services such as one-to-one children’s screening tests.  We can, however, add names to our waiting list and make contact when we resume face to face services. 


The Dyslexia Association provides a children’s one-to-one specialist dyscalculia screening test which can be completed at our office..


What is a screening test?Girls drawing on a notepad


A screening test can provide an indication of whether a child is at risk of dyscalculia.


Who is it for?


The test is suitable for children aged 6 to 15.


Where does it take place?


One-to-one children’s dyscalculia screenings usually take place at our office in Nottingham.


How much does it cost?


A children’s one-to-one specialist dyscalculia screening costs £95.


What happens after submitting a request for a children’s one-to-one screening?


You will be contacted by one of our Helpline advisors to confirm receipt of your request and to arrange an appointment.


Please note that we require payment in advance of the appointment taking place.


How long is the appointment for?


Please allow up to 2 hours for the screening appointment.


Which screening test is used?


We use the Feifer Assessment of Mathematics.  The screening investigates three core elements of maths knowledge to determine whether or not an individual may be at risk of dyscalculia.


What happens next?


Feedback will be provided by the specialist on completion of the screening test and you will be provided with a report which details the outcome of the screening.