The first phone call I felt like I was In good hands. The lady on the phone was so reassuring and understood my daughters needs. We lived in the Middle East at the time and had to fly home to do the test. I was so worried about Charlotte as her confidence levels were low and we couldn’t understand why she struggled so much at school. As soon as I filled in the pre-test questionnaire I felt dyslexia had been staring me in the face the whole time from her early age.


We arrived in the UK and Charlotte went in for the test. The lady was lovely and I cried when she confirmed that my daughter was dyslexic. I was so relieved. She said I would get the report and I did. This helped with getting Charlotte the right help.


After returning to the UK we received amazing support from the primary school. This changed at secondary school and the battle started again. I’m sure you have heard this so many times.


This is where you came Dyslexia Association. Charlotte attended tuition for English. Her levels had remained static for 2 years and with your help she quickly was back above average again.


She attended touch type read spell. The teacher was amazing and gave advice on which subjects could be good for Charlotte.


For the next 2 years she didn’t need the support from the association . However, in Charlottes final year at school she began to struggle. Again I needed your help and she had extra tuition though the Association with Jo . I can honesty say that this gave her the support she needed to get her through her GCSEs.


Results day and 5 a stars, 3 a’s (including 8 in English literature and a 9 in maths) and a 6 in English (one mark away from a 7) and I could not thank the dyslexia association enough. A massive thanks for all that you do and the staff that are simply a team who work together to support people.