In my job I was struggling to keep up to date with case work and became really forgetful. I had never been a great speller, and I knew my writing was untidy, but I told my manager that I didn’t have dyslexia.


Before, I thought dyslexia meant you couldn’t read or write, but it’s everything, like understanding, comprehension, problem solving and memory. That was key for me, my memory. Being tested was absolutely fine. The person who tested me was lovely, and allowed me to continue at my own pace with regular breaks. When they told me I had dyslexia I was shocked but relieved, I needed to know.


Following from my diagnosis, the Workplace Needs Assessment helped me get the extra support I needed. They talked about Dragon, TextHELP Read&Write and iMind map. They also spoke to my manager about giving me more time to complete tasks, the ability to read reports beforehand and about general time management. I used to prefer calling people instead of email, because I was slow at typing, but these software’s make work easy. If I had known earlier my job would have been easier and much more manageable.


Importantly, I got through in the end. I may have needed extensions and more time and support, but recently I passed my A-level in Community Development, something I never thought I’d do. I’ve surprised myself and my manager on the things I’ve achieved, such as securing funding for the company.


There is no harm in getting tested, if you get tested and are found to have dyslexia there will be support available, I’d be an advocate for it.


I would absolutely recommend The Dyslexia Association.