Coping Strategies Training

Our coping strategies training is conducted on a one-to-one basis and is tailored to the needs of the individual and their employer.  The training:

  • develops strategies to manage workload and become more efficient and productive
  • develops strategies to improve time management, meet deadlines and targets
  • develops reading strategies, using skimming and scanning skills
  • improves oral and written communication skills to add confidence when speaking in meetings, delivering presentations, constructing effective e-mails, letters & reports
  • helps with techniques to cope in situations such as a noisy office environment, or  distractions
  • develops strategies for coping with and adapting to change at work
  • develops numeracy strategies
  • helps well-being, builds confidence and reduces stress

Our trainers and assessors will work alongside you and help to embed new strategies in the workplace, they are highly skilled and work with neurodivergent adults within a range of work environments.

We always aim to ‘match’ you with the most appropriate trainer for your skills, needs, and job role.

You can request further help or support with coping strategies by contacting us at to let us know what your requirements are.