Our dyslexia awareness training is intended to educate and inform audiences in an engaging and entertaining fashion on the subject of dyslexia, the different manifestations of the condition and its potential effects on individuals and their colleagues.  They will typically feature illustrative case studies and anecdotal content to illustrate aspects of the presentation and give ‘real life’ context to situations encountered by those with the condition as well as outlining the methods and practices adopted by families, schools, colleges and employers to mitigate or address this.   So the emphasis is very much on the sensible and practical approach to identifying the issue and dealing with it.


The training will need to cover a number of basic requirements in order to put the additional/specific content in context, but this additional content will be very much dictated by the needs of the audience and the objectives agreed with the course or presentation sponsor prior to the event.


Training for the following groups can be arranged:

  • Employers (managers public and private sector)
  • Unions and employees
  • Schools and colleges
  • Tutors & examiners
  • Team leaders and supervisors
  • Training trainers